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Basel Bazaar is a shopping and trading platform with a personal, curated selection of finest pre-loved and vintage clothing and accessories.

As your  fashion concierge we hustle to find you one of a kind highest quality second hand pieces, always with a vision to re-interpret the fashion in a contemporary and interesting way. 

Quality over quantity is the name of the game when it comes to mindful purchases. By knowledgeable curation of finest timeless pieces we help you ensure that your clothing choices have the longest shelf life possible.

None of your steps, decisions are as environmentally immediately effective as the decision to buy pre-loved clothing. By increasing awareness, we have the immense power to change our habits and help support and co–create a sustainable future for fashion. Therefore don’t undermine your individual responsibility. Shopping vintage, pre-loved and repurposed are great ways of satisfying our sartorial urges without engaging in fast fashion fixes.

This is your smartest, most affordable and “green” way to wear unique high-end fashion. Basel Bazaar is here to help you maintain and care for a mindfully curated closet.

Let us redefine LUXURY together, where there is less stuff and more meaning behind every item we own and where aesthetics meet ethics.




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